The Lens

It seems these days as though anyone out there who can afford a “prosumer” camera considers him or herself a video producer. This blog post is not for them. If, however, you’re a DP, Producer, Gaffer, or Editor with broadcast or film credentials, we’d like to invite you to have a real discussion with us about what’s out there on the market in terms of broadcast quality and cinema cameras. We want to hear your comments about everything from Digital Cinema cameras to ENG cameras. What’s your opinion about the Sony F3? Is the p2 format going out of style? What do you think is the most important news on digital formats? And, if you haven’t seen the Keanu Reeves film Side by Side, you need to see it! Check out the trailer here. – Roman Holton, Producer

black-magic-150x150    Sony PMW-F3 demo Shoot Directed & Produced by Jason Wingrove    TheRedCamera